Loved this paragraph: "Far more often, though, it’s the small entrants - hungry to survive, unable to invest in compliance, and living in the societal shadows of undistinguished obscurity - that are incentivized by ambition or misguided by innocent ignorance to turn off the accepted path. It’s just that their misdeeds are harder to spot without the magnifying glass that fame brings."

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"I think this boils down to some visceral, basic human reaction to hate the winners and the dynasties, those that continue to triumph over and over again."

Not for me (and I've also written about similar hate for Epic - http://hc4.us/epichate ).

My disdain is the bubbly effervescence and breathless hyperventilating over theories that our mega tech companies will magically "disrupt" healthcare when the only real motivation is more revenue extraction.

Meanwhile the average cost of PPO coverage for an American family of 4 (through their employer) is now over $30,000 - per year - and about 150M American's get their health coverage through their employer.

No one industry segment is to blame, of course, but they're all complicit in revenue extraction - including big tech.

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